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What is Navibration?

Navibration is a navigation system by vibration with which you can move about anywhere in the world with no Internet connection or maps, and no need to look at your device. It is designed exclusively for use on foot. Patented navigation system.

The navigation of the future

No maps

No Internet

No tripping up

No limits

No maps

Forget about maps during your trip since you will just need them for creating the places to visit before you go. Once you have done this, let Navibration guide you to them and just enjoy every part of your trip.

No Internet

Prepare your itinerary with Navibration and travel to any corner of the planet without having to worry about an Internet connection. Never get lost even in the largest city in the world or on the highest mountain.

No tripping up

The need to read a map or look at your mobile phone on the way to your destination is finished forever. With Navibration the only thing you need to look at is where you are going.

No limits

For everyone. Because moving around the world just by feeling had to be possible. Navibration is now here to change the way we move forever.

How to navibrate?

We like simplicity. That is why our navigation system is based on a simple gesture, which you will have to carry out only in case of doubt. Meanwhile, enjoy your trip and feel your way.


Navibration Experiences

The way of knowing the world, reinvented.
Geolocated audioguides from all corners of the planet, in which historical characters will be your guides. Of course, you will make the tour with our vibration navigation system. Multi language and at your own pace.
Can you ask for more?

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Audio minutes

(Intended figures for 2019)

If you come with me, I'll show you the Paris of secrets. My name is Voltaire and I have many things to tell you.

Paris Experience (soon)

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